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Yesna Pars Research & Development Co.

Yesna Pars Research and Development Company started its activities in 2006 with the mission of providing managerial solutions in Khorasan Science and Technology Park. Yesna Pars Co, by forming multidisciplinary working teams and cooperating with professors of prestigious universities and prominent consultants, has succeeded in implementing extensive research and executive activities in order to identify, design and establish new management systems that have the greatest impact on organizational performance excellence.

A diverse community of specialists in various fields such as strategic management, executive management, human resource management, government management, project management, mathematics, statistics, economics, industrial engineering, computer engineering, information technology engineering, artificial intelligence, psychology, etc. Collaborate with Yasnapars. The formation of these work teams has covered the specialized needs of the customers and has significant impact on the quality of project implementation.

Management solutions, software products and consulting, training and executive services of Yesna Pars in the fields of strategic management, performance management, productivity management, human resource management, knowledge management, business intelligence, data mining and intelligent decision making systems, which are widely provided by Ministries, government agencies, banks, universities and companies have been exploited.

Yesna Pars' transformational innovations in providing management solutions, products and services and using new technologies with emphasis on increasing the speed and ease of work and increasing productivity, have increased customer satisfaction in meeting the needs and operationalization of projects and has led to the development of Bilateral cooperation.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a part of "business ethics" that emphasis on the role of companies in the community and related activities and is a set of duties and responsibilities that one responsible unit must perform to maintain, care for and help the community in order to perform a better life for society.

Yesna Pars Company has also carried out various activities in the field of social responsibility. One of these activities is collaborating with the Atefeha Charity; Yesna Pars Company fulfills its responsibility to the orphans and low-income families by helping this institute.

Also, another area that Yesna Pars has considered is focusing on measures that are productive, in other words, an open and dynamic platform that can generate wealth and dedicated to the majority.

We should add that, the CEO of Yesna Pars Company is one of the members of the Economic and Employment Commission of the Khorasan Women's Consultative convention and focus on the role of job creation plans in this commission.

This convention is for public benefit and all the activities of the members are voluntary and at their own expense, and the results will be provided to all institutions with the approval of the board of directors.

Among the projects carried out in the Economic and Employment Commission, the following are mentioned:

Feasibility of launching home-based job markets in urban areas and developing strategies for prosperity and improving the quality of their markets

Study home businesses approved by law and provide solutions for the development of employment and home business of individuals through the boost of sales or communication with manufacturers

Investigating the issues of social security and social security of self-employed women

Yesna Pars Company also intends to upgrade its programs with background of social responsibility and these are some of agenda for future responsibilities:

Education in deprived areas and specialized scientific education with elites from low-income areas

Allocating the amount of offers in campaigns of customers that are in line with their social responsibility

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations, commissions and NGOs in order to improve the quality of society environment

Material and spiritual support of startups related to the company's field

Missions, Visions and Values

Yesna Pars Mission Statement

Yesna Pars consultants and specialists provide top trend managerial solutions to help managers apply new management methods by using emerging new science and techniques and pave the way for growth and excellence of their organization.

Yesna Pars Vision Statement (Vision):
  • In 2024, Yesna Pars will be the best option to provide technological management solutions for Iranian managers.
  • In 2024, Yesna Pars technological management solutions have been introduced to international markets.
Statement of values:
  • Providing world-class products and services
  • Focus on creating sustainable values for customers
  • The customer is always right
  • Trust, confidentiality and protection of customer information is inevitable
  • Creativity and innovation are always appreciated in order to reduce time, cost and increase quality
  • Emphasis on improving the level of personal, social and professional capabilities of employees
  • Providing the basis for the realization of corporate social responsibilities

Our History

From the Beginning Until Now


MAP Platform

Unveil the map project management platform and start software export processes


Re-approval of qualification by the Vice President for Science and technology as a knowledge-based company


At the beginning of 2018, the production of a new generation of TESMA employee performance management software with new technology and with the possibility of mobile usability was introduced to the market.


TESMA Business Intelligence Software

In 2017, the first version of TESMA Business Intelligence software was introduced, which was used by most of the company's customers to view the organizational performance dashboard. Also in this year, the company's first data mining project to intelligently measure the behavior of evaluators in performance management software system was successfully executed.

This year, to evaluate the international market situation, the company's products and services were introduced at the GTEX 2017 Dubai exhibition.


In 2016, the company's focus was on the implementation of consulting management projects along with the supply of software products, which ultimately led to the achievement of top national and provincial rankings for customers. Also, the project of exploiting the software products of Yesna Pars Company in the field of cloud computing was introduced in the festival of commercialization of advanced technologies.


In 2015, TESMA strategic plan software was added to the company's software products, which was used by several national and provincial organizations and several universities. Also, this year, the design of TESMA platform performance management system was selected as the best Ideas in Festival which was held by the Trade Development Organization.


In 2014, other important projects such as establishment of the performance management system of Karaj Municipality and the operation of the performance management system of employees in Raja, Ports and Maritime Organization, Information Technology Organization of Iran and Infrastructure Communications was started.

This year, more than 40 national and provincial projects were successfully implemented by Yesna Pars.


In 2013, several national and provincial ministries, organizations and executive agencies applied to use yesna pars softwares and services in the field of performance management.

This year, Yesna Pars Company was chosen as the winner of the Science to Action Festival in Khorasan Razavi Province.


In 2009, TESMA organizational performance management software was used in North Khorasan governorate to evaluate the performance of all executive organizations of Khorasan province, which is a turning point in introducing yesna pars efforts to government organizations.


In 2008, TESMA organizational performance management software was introduced and used in several public and private organizations. In the same year, the company's organizational consulting and analysis team developed the strategic plans of several public and private organizations.


In 2007, the company's organizational consulting and analysis team was formed to provide consulting and executive services in the management fields related to the software products offered.


In 2006, the first software product of Yesna pars was introduced as the support system of senior manager of ESS. In this year, Yesna Pars was selected as the top provincial entrepreneur in the Amirkabir Festival.


Yesna Pars Research and Development Company started its activity in 2004 in Growth Center of Khorasan Science and Technology Park with the subject of producing management and decision-making systems, and after passing the growth period, officially registered and start its activities.

Established in 2004



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