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Shahid Rajaei Festival is held every year by the Administrative and Employment Organization of the country as the main trustee with the participation of a large number of companies, government departments and executive bodies. In order to identify and appreciate the efforts of serving the holy system of the Islamic Republic and the honorable and noble nation of Islamic Iran, and to institutionalize the promotion and improvement of the executive apparatus at various levels through their appreciation and encouragement, this festival is more successful and dynamic every year. It has been held over the years and has practically become a very successful benchmark for achieving goals and implementing a culture of accountability.

But the question that arises is what are the legal citations of Shahid Rajaei Festival?

In response, it should be said that the evaluation of the performance of the executive bodies, taking into account the provisions of Chapter 11 of the Civil Service Management Law, Executive Regulations of Articles 81 and 82 of the Civil Service Management Law No. 4225/44327 dated 1/14/2010, Performance Evaluation Circular 1398 No. 749977 dated 12/28/1397 and the instruction for scoring general performance evaluation indicators of 1398, in the form of specialized committees that are formed in the secretariat of the central headquarters of Shahid Rajai Festival and the final report for the selection of the selected will be submitted to the central headquarters of Shahrid Festival.

What are the goals of the Shahid Rajaei Festival?

Shahid Rajaei Festival in the past few years has brought considerable achievements for the administrative and governmental system of the country and is practically the most important marathon of competition of government organizations to achieve productivity and improve performance. Governments have always pursued the following goals since the festival:

Institutionalizing management culture and improving performance in executive bodies

Creating healthy and dynamic competition between executive bodies

Appreciation of the people who work in the field of service to the people

Motivate managers and employees of executive devices by introducing superior devices

 Why are the results of Shahid Rajaei Festival so important?

With the introduction of Article 142 of the Fourth Development Plan Law and Chapter 11 of the Civil Service Management Law, "Performance evaluation and holding of Shahid Rajaei Festival" has become doubly important and has become one of the significant issues in the performance management system. Thus, since 2008 and in accordance with the promulgation of the Law on Service Management, the by-laws and executive instructions of Chapter 11 (Articles 81 and 82) have been compiled and communicated and are still ongoing.

In fact, in this period, performance management has replaced performance appraisal and the selection of sample employees has also changed. In this way, after selecting the sample device or unit in the specific axis or subject, that selected device or unit introduces a working team active in the same specific subject as the sample manager or employee to be honored in the festival.

The important point is the incorrect implementation of the self-evaluation process by the executive bodies and the transfer of its actual performance to the government for the performance evaluation process. Considering the 15-year history of Yasna Pars Company in planning, leading and implementing the evaluation process of Shahid Rajaei Festival, we are proud to announce that we have created the necessary capabilities to provide advice on the processes of Shahid Rajaei Festival at the highest possible level in our organization. We are with your organization to achieve success.


All the efforts of the staff of Yasna Pars Company are that the organizations that entrust their consulting to Shahid Rajaei processes have a significant competitive advantage compared to others. Some of the achievements of the implementation of Shahid Rajaei Festival processes by Yasna pars Research and Development Company are as follows:

+Determining the principles of the trustees of the indicators in the organization in such a way that the evaluation prerequisites are provided in the shortest possible time

+Providing specialized and customized training according to the conditions and privileges of the organization to increase the privileges in the sections related to the festival

+Evaluating performance reports in previous periods of the festival and make suggestions based on strengths and weaknesses

+Guidance and advice on correct and scientific documentation of performance in accordance with the evaluation process of Shahid Rajaei Festival

+Developing a specific schedule for documentation due to time constraints of the self-assessment process

+Continuous monitoring of the self-assessment process and documentation prepared to defend the performance of the device and provide basic suggestions for defending the performance provided.

+Preparation of pathology reports in accordance with the latest scientific and experimental standards to eliminate complications

+Developing a booklet of performance improvement programs

+Preparation of protest bills and additional documents

Counseling Methods

At Yasna pars Management Consulting Department, we intend to provide the best management solutions you need in appropriate ways so that you can establish an administrative health system in your organization in a principled manner and finally benefit from the benefits of establishing this system.

 Our planning to provide consulting services for the establishment of the administrative health system is based on the following two methods:

Mentoring counseling (coaching):

In this method, counseling services are provided in such a way that you can with full and scientific knowledge of the subject and use the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of the counseling team in face-to-face, online and telephone meetings and use educational documents such as books, pamphlets, videos and .. Implement the steps and steps of establishing the mentioned system in your organization.

Consultant and executor (content production):

In this method, consulting services are provided with the focus on producing local content and tailored to your needs by the consulting team, and then the consulting team, with your cooperation, takes all measures appropriate to the content produced to streamline the system to achieve the desired planning and execution result. The output of this section will be the establishment of a mechanized office health system in a completely indigenous and customized way in your organization, which can be best presented to upstream organizations and regulatory bodies.

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