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Statistics show that once every two years, the amount of data generated in businesses and organizations doubles, but a large amount of data does not necessarily mean more knowledge in that organization and business, because a significant percentage of this data is unstructured data. There are those that are unusable and not only do not create an advantage for the organization but also confuse managers in the midst of a lot of data.

No matter what field you work in, if you take a closer look at your business processes, you will find big data traces in your business. But if you do not know how to handle and exploit big data, like many managers, big data may be a major challenge in your organization, occupying large amounts of available servers, speeding up workflows, and costs. Imposes on your organization.

To solve this problem, we propose data mining techniques that have received more attention today with the growth of technology and the expansion of the digital world. This is where you can turn the challenge into a great opportunity for your organization.


By exploring the large data set produced in your organization, you can delete irrelevant and duplicate data, by organizing the data, identify the connections and knowledge hidden in the relevant data, and after extracting practical information, make informed and knowledge-based decisions.

In addition to being a useful management tool, data mining can directly and indirectly bring significant benefits to the organization and its employees. Accordingly, the results and achievements that you can expect in your organization after using data mining are:

-Reducing the costs of maintaining duplicate and irrelevant data

-Freeing up space occupied by irrelevant and repetitive data in the organization

-Reducing managers' concerns about how to exploit the mass of available data

-Identifying communications and knowledge embedded in the data, extract knowledge and information required and relevant to the business

-Improving the level of knowledge in your organization and business

-Accelerating decisions in the organization

Improve management decisions made

Counseling Methods

At Yasna pars Management Consulting Department, we intend to provide the best management solutions you need in appropriate ways so that you can establish an administrative health system in your organization in a principled manner and finally benefit from the benefits of establishing this system.

 Our planning to provide consulting services for the establishment of the administrative health system is based on the following two methods:

Mentoring counseling (coaching):

In this method, counseling services are provided in such a way that you can with full and scientific knowledge of the subject and use the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of the counseling team in face-to-face, online and telephone meetings and use educational documents such as books, pamphlets, videos and .. Implement the steps and steps of establishing the mentioned system in your organization.

Consultant and executor (content production):

In this method, consulting services are provided with the focus on producing local content and tailored to your needs by the consulting team, and then the consulting team, with your cooperation, takes all measures appropriate to the content produced to streamline the system to achieve the desired planning and execution result. The output of this section will be the establishment of a mechanized office health system in a completely indigenous and customized way in your organization, which can be best presented to upstream organizations and regulatory bodies.

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