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  1. Introduction

    In defining the employees performance management, it is a strategic and integrated process that provides sustainable success toperformance management organizations by improving the performance of those working in the organization and by developing individual and group capabilities. In the development of human resources there are different factors and components in the organization that if all of them are not used, the development will be one- dimensional and competitive advantage in the organization will be lost.

    The employees performance management system manages a comprehensive method of all factors and components of the organization that are involved in the development of human capital and finally the desired performance is achieved and uses the results as capital of human resource development .

    Do you know how much the employee performance management system has been implemented in your organization and is it compatible with standard and scientific principles? To answer this question, you should check if the answer to the following questions is positive and if so, whether it has been implemented in principle in the organization:

  2. First of all, is your goal of establishing a performance management system codified? In other words, do you know what are the uses of human resources management system?
  3. Are you sure the tasks and missions assigned to the employees are in line with the organization's goals and priorities?
  4. Do you know which evaluation model is suitable for your organization?
  5. Do employee performance indicators measure actual performance or do they merely provide an overall vision?
  6. Are the performance evaluation courses tailored to the conditions of taking advantage of the evaluation results?
  7. How much do you trust the evaluation results? Are you sure that in the process of employee evaluation, the steps of data validation and performance documentation are done correctly?
  8. Do the reports of employees' evaluation results provide complete analysis of the status of employees in different organizational categories?
  9. Are the regulations for exploiting the results of the employees developed?
  10. Is a process after evaluating employee performance to improve the performance and empowerment of employees in your organization, predicted and correctly implement?By answering the above questions, you can estimate the status of your organization in relation to the principles of the employees performance management system or the amount of need for it.


  1. Achievements performance management

In today 's organizations, employees performance management system in the face of the wave of changes affecting the organization, can provide maximum usage of capacity of human capital. Therefore, it can be ensured that by establishing the employees performance management system in principle, you can understand the positive changes and achievements of implementing it in your organization in tangible form which some of them are:


  • The employee performance management is a continuous process to setting goals, observing performance and providing and receiving guidance and feedback from employees.
  • As a result, it is a valuable tool to maintain and strengthen organization’s values.
  • In the case of implementation and development of the employees performance management system, increasing motivation and commitment of individuals, development of work teams and generally empowerment will be implemented in the best possible way.
  • Employees gain a better understanding of the behaviors and required outcomes after establishing the performance management system.
  • They also get a better view of what they need to do to succeed.
  • Employees performance management can meet the operational and strategic requirements of the organization, individuals as well as the professional needs of employees in a variety of ways.

Counseling Methods

3-consulting methods


Employee performance management system alone and with library research cannot explain the specific policy of organizations to evaluate the ability and performance of employees in the direction of strategic goals. Also, establishing a systematic relationship between other human resource processes such as: performance monitoring and coaching, payroll, promotion and assignment, service compensation, training, motivation, etc. through the employee performance management system, alone will not be possible.

Therefore, designing the employee performance management process is essential in a way that can manage the steps of this process in an integrated manner to achieve the goals. so, the management consulting team of Yasna Pars company in line with its mission, providing technology-based management approaches, which is based on the knowledge of its experts in this field, Professionally and extensively produce the native content of the employee performance management system based on valid scientific models and the needs of your organization and provide practical recommendations in the correct and accurate implementation of employee performance management processes during execution.

consulting and executive services for the establishment of employees performance management system are provided in the following two ways:


  1. Consulting in the form of mentoring (couching): in this method, consulting services are provided in such a way that you can perfectlyperformance management and scientifically know the subject and you can use the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of the consulting team in face to face, online and telephone meetings and use educational documents such as books, booklets, videos and so on and implement the stages and steps of establishing the mentioned system in your organization.
  2. Consultant and executor(content production): In this method, consulting services will be performed by focusing on the production of the local content and according to your needs by the consulting team and then the consulting team with your cooperation,  will plan and implement all actions appropriate to the content produced to enable the system to achieve the desired result .

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