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In today's world, science and technology are advancing at an indescribable speed, and the world is taking on a new shape every day based on these innovative, exploratory, and inventive developments. Content production and dissemination strategists try to attract the audience with new formats in order to show the real performance of a collection in a short time and in addition to creating a new path in terms of performance responsiveness, the organization is ready to offer organs indoors and Show foreign.

Organizational performance documentationIn recent years, the attention of managers to the creation of video reports in the form of clips, motion graphics, infographics, etc. has been significantly attracted in a way that proves the claim. In the past, making PowerPoint from performance reports was a common and effective tradition, but today, with the proliferation of social media, there is a need for an accessible format for delivering content. A template that, without the presence of the report provider, presents the content correctly without any distortion and at the same time is attractive and effective.

With such necessity, presenting performance report in visual form by using infographics in showing appropriate statistics and visual effects such as animation and motion graphics has become one of the most common ways of presenting content. Video performance report (performance document) is usually available in one or more episodes of 5 to 7 minutes. This time is not out of the audience's patience and in addition provides a good volume for transmission on social networks.


"Performance Documentary" with its rich content and comprehensive structure, the order of holding face-to-face meetings with top managers, the order of several lectures for employees and the order of several volumes of booklets and brochures for audiences and customers. Performance documentaries are a logical solution to replace brochures and catalogs that have never been considered.

It can be argued that the content presented in the performance document, which is tailored to its audience, eliminates the shortcomings and ambiguities of paper reports and contributes to the greater effectiveness of reporting by creating graphic, audio and video appeal. By making a multimedia documentary of your performance, you can make dramatic changes in introducing the organization and its achievements, some of which are:

Collecting performance data and documentation in a scientific framework and turning it into a multimedia video report.

Visualize the results of the organization's performance by providing real, high quality and luxurious images of the organization and the employees of the organization in operation, animation images of projects under construction, motion graphics and interviews.

Use music and graphic promos to make the content more attractive.

Possibility of broadcasting performance document through radio and television according to observing all the requirements of the standards of the Radio and Television Organization.

Possibility of continuous presence in social networks by inserting performance documents on various topics.

Counseling Methods

Yasna Pars Research and Development Company, with more than a decade of specialized experience in the field of performance management with the cooperation of media activists and professional directors of documentaries, is ready to cooperate with your collection to document the performance of your organization in the following two ways:

Prepare performance documentation by producing specialized content tailored to the needs of the audience:

Production of specialized content in order to provide performance is an action that has been done professionally in Yasna Pars Company for many years and the records of the company can be seen in the key organizations of the country.

Therefore, in this way, the Yasna Pars Documentary Team, after examining the needs of the audience, first collects performance data and analyzes it, then performs the script of the documentary with the cooperation of professional directors and gives the necessary advice to make this more effective. Provides a visual document, and finally, after confirming the script by you, the documentary is produced with the steps of filming, sound, illustration and motion graphics.

Document performance based on available organization data:

Sometimes organizations have reached a level of maturity in terms of data collection and performance documentation that the content of the organization documentation is transparent and defensible and the main concern of managers is to reflect performance results to senior managers and senior organizations. In this situation, Yasna Pars Documentation Team, based on the documents received by the organization, then performs the script of the performance documentary with the cooperation of professional directors and provides the necessary advice to make this video document as effective as possible. The steps of filming, sound, illustration and motion are performed.

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