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peocess managementBusiness Processes Management (BPM) is a structured approach aimed at improving product quality and service and trying to align organizational processes with the organization's strategy and improve customer satisfaction with increasing quality. In another definition, process management or business management processes is an organizational discipline that provides tools and resources for analysis, definition, optimization, monitoring, and control of business processes and organizational processes, which is aimed at measuring and improving business processes and organizational processes.

It is important to understand that management of business processes and organizational processes is not the management of your organizational tasks. These processes are related to the main activities of a business and your organization, such as those related to finance, the process of issuing work permits, etc.

If you are eager to know that your organization and business needs process management, you should check that if there are problems, inefficiencies and the following issues in your organization, you will definitely need to accept, implement and establish a process management system:

  • Affairs and work procedures in your organization are inefficient and rework.
  • In your organization, the time to perform processes and work procedures is too time consuming.
  • In your organization, organizational resources are not used effectively.
  • Business affairs and procedures in your organization have reduced business performance.
  • The customers and your employees are confused or unhappy about business processes and procedures.



BPM sees processes as the important elements and assets of an organization that needs to be understood, managed and developed so that you can provide quality products and services with the value added to your customer and thereby act to reduce costs and increase productivity.

In general, the benefits and achievements of implementing process management in your organization are:


  • Process management can help your company and organization reduce costs, waste and inefficiencies and improve yourprocess management organization's productivity.
  • Process management helps you to identify and update business and organizational processes that are outdated or no longer efficient.
  • Process management helps you to improve the competitive strength and competitive advantage of your company and your organization and enhance the organization's position over competitors.
  • Process management helps you to retain your customers and increase the satisfaction of customers and even increase the satisfaction of employees.
  • Process management helps you to standardize the processes in your company and organization and ensure that they comply with regulations.
  • Process management helps increase transparency and responsibilities in your company and organization.
  • Process management helps to increase automate and electronic processes, reduce the amount of manual and paperwork in your company and organization, and thus reduce work time.

Counseling Methods

3-Consulting methods

At Yasna Pars management consulting department, we plan to provide appropriate management consulting with appropriate methods so that you can implement business process management system in your organization and eventually benefit from its advantages. Therefore, the consulting services of Establishing business process management system are presented by two following methods:


  1. Consulting in the form of mentoring (couching): in this method, consulting services are provided in such a way that you can perfectly and scientifically know the subject and you can use the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of the consulting team in face to face, online and telephone meetings and use educational documents such as books, booklets, videos and so on and implement the stages and steps of establishing the mentioned system in your organization.
  2. Consultant and executor(content production): In this method, consulting services will be performed by focusing on the production of the local content and according to your needs by the consulting team and then the consulting team with your cooperation,  will plan and implement all actions appropriate to the content produced to enable the system to achieve the desired result .

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