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strategic management system establishment consulting services

1- Introductionstrategic management

In a brief definition of the concept of strategic management, we can say: strategic management is environmental study (external environment and internal environment), strategy codification, strategy implementation, evaluation and control. Note that our point is not “strategic planning”. We are talking about “strategic management”. Strategic management has a more comprehensive  concept than strategic planning. Strategic management may be challenged and don't feel the need for it, but it is unlikely to find someone who doesn’t believe in strategic management and claims he does not need it.

Most likely, as an organization manager, you are faced challenges to continue the life of the organization and the chaos in implementing your organizational plans, as the external conditions of your organization is constantly undergoing change. Therefore, it is recommended to use strategic management in principle to solve this challenge.


The important point is that whether you implemented the strategic management system in the organization perfectly?  To answer this question, you should check whether the answer to the following questions is positive and if so, whether it has been implemented in the organization basically:

  • Do you identify and evaluate external (environmental) factors affecting the performance of the organization?
  • Do you identify and evaluate internal factors affecting the performance of the organization?
  • Have external and internal influential factors been analyzed to determine the list of opportunities and environmental threats, internal strengths and weaknesses(SWOT) and to extract strategies?
  • Has the assessment of the organization’s position in the environment and the determination of the general type of appropriate strategy been done correctly?
  • Is the implementation priority (relative attractiveness) of the developed strategy done?
  • Are your organizational plans and projects related to your goals and strategies?
  • Is the description of tasks and missions assigned to your managers and employees, are in line with the strategies and goals of the organization?


Can goals achieve and momently controlled by monitoring and supervising related programs and projects? Now, by answering the above questions, you can estimate your organization's status towards the implementation of the strategic management system or how much you need it.


  1. Achievements

Strategic management in coping with the wave of changes can facilitate responding to opportunities and emerging threats by identifying them in a timely manner.

It can be said that with the establishment of a strategic management system in principle, you can clearly understand the positive changes and achievements of its implementation in your organization which some of them are:strategic management

  • Improvement of managerial decisions in terms of changing the internal and external environment of the organization.
  • Facilitating communication between organizational goals with operational plans, projects and current tasks of the organization.
  • Monitoring the achievement of organizational goals and the identifying reasons for the non-achievement of any goal relative to the planning done at any time and considering alternative measures.
  • Momently monitoring of operational plans and related projects separately.
  • The representation of the role of each employee in achieving the organization's goals that will increase the motivation of the staff and implement the right execution of operational plans and projects and thus improve.

Counseling Methods

3-Consulting methods

At Yasna Pars management consulting department, we plan to provide appropriate management consulting with appropriate methods so that you can implement strategic management system in your organization and eventually benefit from its benefits. Therefore, the consulting and executive services of data mining are presented by two following methods:

  1. Consulting in the form of mentoring (couching): in this method, consulting services are provided in such a way that you can perfectly and scientifically know the subject and you can use the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of the consulting team in face to face, online and telephone meetings and use educational documents such as books, booklets, videos and so on and implement the stages and steps of establishing the mentioned system in your organization.
  2. Consultant and executor(content production): In this method, consulting services will be performed by focusing on the production of the local content and according to your needs by the consulting team and then the consulting team with your cooperation,  will plan and implement all actions appropriate to the content produced to enable the system to achieve the desired result .


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